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    Unhappy could i be mentally disabled ?

    Well, you know how cousins that have kids are born with disabilities? My parents are cousins. I wasnt born without any problems... or did i ?

    I am very bad at using my mind. I didnt know about this until a few years ago. My mind is slow, really slow. i learn late. I cant multitask. I got fired many times from work. Making orders wrong and my mind wanders off all the time. I am the very definition of DERP.

    I started failing school at around year 7. I JUST managed to pass high school.

    Im 20 and i havnt got a drivers licence why? Cause i know for a fact i will die in a fiery crash. Hell, i probably wont even qualify to drive.

    I dont even have any friends...


    My parents are cousins. Could i be mentally disabled for failing life?

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    This kind of thread will only lead discussion down a bad path sorry, closed.

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