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    Help my raid's hunter.


    Are any fights in this tier favourable for hunters? Obviously the bow from normal Emperor's would help but loot drops in 10 man are shit.

    Any suggstions on how he can improve dps in general would be a big help.

    e: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...heris/advanced

    Thanks very much.
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    in mop hunters are RETARDED gear dependant. He needs to get his hands on better trinkets, as well as enchant his cloak and put on a belt buckle. Elegon is hard to judge DPS on because it changes dramatically depending on how your guild does sparks.

    Honestly don't give up on him because so far Hunters are not getting much in the way of good encounters for them unlike mages. Just have him research his class/spec and get him watching and reading things on how to improve play.

    I know how hard it is to get gear, i have exactly 2 raid drops, one is a ring we see every week the other was before i even join the guild i am in... the raids are not being nice to hunters right now.

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    His/her trinkets are absolute crap. Any other 463s are better, and with DMF ready to go, try to get a trinket if funds allow. Gear drops are basically hating on me, only raid piece I got are the Feng boots and I got that in a pug, with my coin, because I miss out on Tuesday raids because of my schedule.

    I hope that he/she knows when to change between Dire Beast / Thrill of the Hunt and A Murder of Crows / Lynx Rush.

    Survival's basic stat priority is Haste > Mastery, but some do Mastery > Haste to allow easier transitions between Surv/BM specs.

    Favorable fights for Hunters? thb, there aren't any fights that are unfavorable, but there aren't any fights that are favorable. Stone Guards we can do a bit of cleave for Multishot/SerpentSpread. Feng is a minimal movement single target fight, with some AOE phase on heroic. Garajal is pure single target, I hear BM gets a nice buff from the Spirit Realm thing. Spirit Kings has quite a bit of movement, so in a sense, this can be considered one of the more favorable fights since we hardly lose any DPS on the move. Elegon seems more mechanic based, just remember to find the sweet spot and don't move (jump to remove stacking debuff) until transition for sparks. Find sweet spot again and remove stacking debuff accordingly while maximizing damage buff uptime. You won't fall in the hole if you are standing on the sweet spot. Will of the Emperors is a fun fight, will all the CC and target switching and stuff. Hunters are constantly using their traps on cooldown while doing other assorted stuff to prevent Rages from going out of control. I throw my pet on one of the bosses and forget about it.
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    Well. Yes on the gear part. But allso. Looking at other Logs, and comparing. He is doing something wrong. Its not like he is playing his class wrong. But he is using 1 or 2 abilitys to much over the other, and forgetting to use other abilitys.

    From what ive seen, he needs to:

    Stop using cobra so much (he must be overcapping on focus)

    Use arcane shot more ( arcane shot pretty much what you are doing the most of the time as BM)

    Time his CDs better ( He is not getting his CD's off: BW and Dire beast the amount of times that the encounter alowes him to do so)

    Less trapping ~ ( Not 100% sure this will be a dps gain. could be a gear thing. But atm it seems that he is trapping a lot more than other BM hunters for the fight. So he should either respec SV if he wants to trap, or stop doing it and focus on timing CD's and not spamming Cobra)

    He (if havent allready) should go check out kripparians macro video, since it shows one or two nice macros (not alowed to post video links yet so go to youtube and check out /watch?v=sEqRZR3LQYE&list=UUeBMccz-PDZf6OB4aV6a3eA&index=12&feature=plcp)

    Hope some of it helps.

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    Yeah the trinkets they have on are horrible... Heroic wrath of unchaining is better than the coren trinket... So technically they are using a trinket with a dps output ilvl of <416 (before the nerf to vial of shadows (Making it proc less often at levels greater than 85), the vial was better). The flashing steel talisman gives a considerable amount less than searing words. Windswept pages + searing words are the best trinkets you can get from dungeons now. If they can get their hands on relic of xuen, It would be a substantial gain over the direbrew trinket. Looking at the logs, It doesn't look like they are managing their focus correctly... Too many cobra shots, not enough arcane shots or kill commands. Their gems are wrong as well. Shouldn't be gemming for expertise period. Hit gems are fine if you have a purple gem with a blue socket. They are gemming oddly, they have some expertise gems, some mastery gems, and some crit gems. The mastery should be changed to crit and the expertise should be changed to agility. So to sum it up:

    Helm : Fine
    Shoulders : Fine
    Cloak : Wrong. Use Superior Critical Strike enchant.
    Chest : Fine
    Gloves : Wrong. Use a deadly (agi + crit) gem
    Belt : Wrong. Either gem that with (preferably) full agi gems or if you really want the socket bonus, use a deadly (agi + crit) and a glinting (agi + hit) gem.
    Legs : Fine.
    Boots : Wrong. Use a deadly (agit + crit) gem

    Shoulders : OK lesser enchant, but the greater one would be better
    Chest : Fine.
    Bracers : Fine.
    Gloves : Fine.
    Belt : no belt buckle, 160 agility is a big gain.
    Legs : Fine.
    Boots : Wrong. Use blurred speed. Agi > mastery

    In regards to reforges, I use http://wowreforge.com They might benefit from putting their toon in it.

    Stat priority for SV and BM is Crit > Haste > Mastery
    *For BM you can do either haste or mastery and see virtually the same results.
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