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    Garalon Problem! Enrage Problem + Bad Tactic?


    My guild spent too long on Garalon last night, to the point where we had issues with everything but at the end its coming down to the enrage. We have some people doing decent dps and some really lacking behind but im not just going to ask for help with the bottom feeders, if you could point out anything regarding any of our DPS then that would be very helpful.

    Here are the logs - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-r1rskqg361ol2lqq/

    And here is an attempt for you to see -


    we didnt die to enrage but it was the last attempt of the night and this might help someone understand what we are doing and what we could do differently/better.

    I apologise for the quickly made post, im already late for work! Il try add in some more information once im there.

    In a nutshell - can you help our DPS be better and are we doing anything wrong tactic wise?



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    Your raid dps does look a little low.


    One of the enrage attempts, top is 100k effective - down to 54k.

    On our kill we ranged from 124k to 68k (logs are private so cant show you).

    You can improve your own dps by enchanting str to bracers and Dancing steel to weapons. You are very geared and there is no real excuse to not use better enchants.

    Also, I do not see the point of using cleave, ww and rb instead. Cleave costs 30 rage and deals 82% weap dmg to 2 targets, ww costs 30 rage and deals 85% weapon dmg from both weapons and allows your rb to hit 2 targets with both weapons at no extra cost, pretty much a no brainer imo.

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    My post in the other thread re: Garalon enrage

    ..don't feel you have to have tanks to soak and that healers can't kite.

    Personally we have our Holy Paladin soaking along with a Prot Warrior and have our Resto Druid in the kiting rotation, leaving the DPS to do their thing.

    Enrage becomes a non-issue then, pre-nerf or not

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    this is how my guild did it, i will write about all things you have to do separately...
    first tank takes it first when he has like 18 he says it and one pala pops devo aura and one healer pops tranq/hymn, when it is over, second pala pops devo and another healer pops healing cd, when he has 25 stack, he gives them to the second tank ... then the same thing with 1-25 stacks for the second tank ... if you do not have 4 palas then time the devo for when the tanks have 22 stacks and use diferent raid cd before. after the tank, dps take the pheromones from him and stacks it to 15, then another dps etc, i believe we needed like 6 dps to take it untill we killed it (or then the tank could take it), you should choose the dps wisely - they should be able to dps the boss at least a bit while running, preferably hunter/ele/mage/any doter cause when you make the pool you step aside, cast 1 spell, move again, or you can use any of your healers pref rdrd or disco

    only if you switch pheromones, if you pop it other time it is no good

    we put our melees on one side, ranged on the other and pop bl at pull, kill the legs fast and then stay middle. after the leg recovers we do following depending on which leg just recovered. if any of the right legs - melee dps, if left rear leg and the boss wont turn any moment go melee/otherwise ranged kill it. if it is the left front leg, just dot it up, dont focus it, it will die from dots eventually. anyone who can should not forget to cleave the legs with the boss, mages can spread dots to the legs via the boss, same for dk, etc, otherwise stand still and dps as hard as you can

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amex View Post
    My post in the other thread re: Garalon enrage
    I disagree, the cleave hits tanks for ~250k on 25 man, on a non tank that is going to be a lot higher.

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    well the dps who is kitting is running way in front and should never get hit by the cleave, you still have 2 tanks soaking the cleaves and 1 dps running and kitting with pheromones

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    Our kill Vid:

    Our Logs:

    Try kiting the boss a lot slower, watching your vid you have huge spaces between those amber pools that are dropped. In our video we only have 1 gap and it was intentional to allow the melee to run to different sides of the boss. With the boss moving slower you should be able to get in some more DPS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hakto View Post
    I disagree, the cleave hits tanks for ~250k on 25 man, on a non tank that is going to be a lot higher.
    Forgive me, I should have pointed out that I was referring to 10 man.

    25 man I assume is a slightly different story. But then gaining 1 DPS is far less benefit relative to 10 man, so no reason to really do it anyway

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    From the vid, the starting position of the pheromones is terrible. Its putting him way to close to the wall and not utilizing a good portion of the beginning space. What we did was have a non tank get it first(as it seemed you had a tank getting it first, not sure) and have them run straight at the boss, get the pheromone, and run straight back near the wall, and start going left. By the time he gets around 15-18 stacks, he will be near the left corner, and then a tank can take it off of him, making sure to run in for the swipe for the first swipe, and then usually after the first swipe he can be in it while at the wall. Otherwise, you had slacking dps for sure, your frost DKs should be pulling sick numbers on that fight. Either way, keep pushing it, more practice might make up for the lower dps.

    *edit* Wow, looking at the vid again, you guys moved the boss way to fast to the right side of the room. You start is definitly a huge problem, with those huge ass gaps of pools, which will KILL you later in the fight.
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    Stop having the raid focus the legs down asap. It is a raid dps loss to do so because there is a finite amount of damage you can do to a leg with the 200% bonus where as cleaves can use the 200% bonus on the boss (technically also finite, but when you reach the limit you have won so...). Just help out the cleaves when there is more than 1 leg. Also, I recommend you not killing your front outside leg ever. If you kill it, you risk that one respawning which is usually not safe to stand in the circle of. It is also not a raid dps gain to have ranged dps shoot that leg either because they also can't stand in the circle. This will allow your cleavers to make use of the 200% damage buff the entire fight where as now you are blowing up the legs and your entire raid is back to regular damage such as that incredibly large portion of time around the 2 min mark in your video. The raid should help if you do get behind though.

    Is your rogue tanking or something? I don't think so but maybe? Assuming he isn't, his damage is god awful for how insanely OP blade flurry is (even with the limited uptime from your strat). Make sure he is standing close to the boss and his BF hits are actually landing. It is very easy to be in the circle getting double damage on the leg but not actually cleaving it onto the boss.

    Now you don't have to do it this way, but using 200% damage cleaves is a very easy way to help increase raid dps. I wouldn't suggest having a dps tank it on 25m as we had our frost dk try it and he got murdered on the first hit (he was hit for 356k with 36k overkill so technically not a 1 shot but...). Now you could have your rogue tank it, which if he is only going to do 70k dps anyway, you might as well. He has to have feint up for every single cleave though or it will kill him.
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