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    Resto Druids! Come flex your muscles (PvE damage)

    So today I was doing the 1st boss in HoF, and since there wasn't much healing to do until he does certain abilities I was trying to push out as much damage as i could. Best i managed was 5.5 mil damage done, unfortunately i didn't even think to take a pic, but it wanted me to post this sort of as a challenge! How much damage can you put out on raid bosses (non LFR) as resto!

    So i guess list your damage done, the boss it was on, and maybe some of your methods?

    Boss: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok - 10 man
    Damage done: 5.5 million
    Method: kept moonfire and rake up as much as i could, wrath during downtime and HoW wrath spam for a few sec during lust.

    Hoping to see some good resto dps!
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