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    Gemming/Reforging for both Muti AND Combat ?

    This may seem like a very mad question..

    So I seem to have found myself switching between specs more and more in relation to fight mechanics etc, BUT I only really have the resources at the moment for one set of gear for one spec, and all my weapons are currently the same ilvls as eachother. I'm sure a hell of a lot of other people are in this situation and aren't sure the best solution too.

    Currently I've been gemming, reforging etc for pure Muti, and if I know I can get higher Combat in a fight, the fist weapons I've been swapping with luckily have a whole chunk of haste on them. This tends to be fights with Perma-Cleaving, and even then as my gear improves I'd imagine it may be better sticking in Muti regardless.

    But, Do I loose more DPS in Combat spec with Muti gear, than I would in Muti Spec with Combat gear? or vice versa?

    Is there a common ground or tweaks to the stat priorities, so I can boost the DPS of my secondary spec with only minimal decrease in my main spec? Would this even be worthwhile? Should I just accept that the more I tweak one spec to be awesome, the other will always fall further behind until it can have its own gearset?

    Anyone experimented with this or interested in this too?
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    I've been basically doing what you're doing unless we are spending all night progressing on a boss. I gem, reforge and enchant my gear for Mutilate and slap on some fist weapons when I want to go Combat. More times than not, the perma-cleave makes up for the oddball gems and reforging.

    However, if you are doing progression and spending an hour or more per boss, it's definitely worth it to at least reforge to the spec you are using for that particular fight. Combat's single target is actually pretty decent as well, so I'm thinking of going full-time Combat just to avoid the hassle of juggling 2 setups.

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    If you REALLY want to have only one set of hybrid gear (and you use each spec 50% of the time), then just use weights from Assassination and Combat and average them.

    From AMR:
    MH DPS: 5.6
    MH Speed: 2.5
    OH DPS: 1.595
    Agi: 4.37
    Hit: 3.515 before softcap, 0.875 after
    Expertise: 2.95
    Mastery: 1.825
    Strength: 1.67
    Haste: 1.975
    AP: 1.59
    Crit: 1.635

    Or, you know, stick to one set and grind out a second, and bite the bullet when one spec has all the "wrong" stats.
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    I have the add on reforgesaver so I have a combat and assassination reforge saved. I gem for assassination and reforge outside with the new mount.

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