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    Boomkin help: How can I improve statwise.

    I'm at a weird place in my gearing. A lot can be done statwise, and I'm unsure if I'm doing things incorrectly.


    My armory. I understand the first haste cap is 5273. After that you should go straight crit. But I've gotten to a point where I can possibly sacrifice 1% crit to gain 2% mastery. A little help would be appreciated.

    Note, this is my first time maining boomkin as a spec. so I'm still learning. Thanks a lot!

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    The value of crit vs. mastery is compared by rating, not percentage. 600 crit rating gives 1% chance to crit whereas only 320 rating gives 1% mastery. So yes, you can get roughly 2% mastery for every 1% crit you give up, but it is not favorable to do so.

    Your reforge / gem choices look pretty solid as they are.

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