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    I think MMO-Champion has just the right size so it's not all a circle jerk/herd mentality, like even more social sites such as Reddit, but at the same time collective interest(s) can bring enough people together to keep it from being boring. That's all I really need to consider it good for a bi-daily / weekly glance, like other sites I prefer reading articles and news on.

    Sure, there are cycles of people proclaiming WoW's imminent death, girl problems, and immutable political bashing, but that's par for the course in any niche. The people within those threads fall into the same trends and "intellectual" beliefs as most people on the internet (i.e. "Sheep" are often the same people calling others "sheep"), and I don't think that makes them any more idiotic or caustic than any other type of internet community.

    I personally believe the moderators do a fine job, so long as you aren't petty or just aren't posting anything that bears repeating. At least a 4.
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    I picked middle of the road. There's some constructive debate that goes on here, and the official forums are FAR worse, to the point of being completely ignorable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fierae View Post
    MMO-C isn't all that bad normally.

    WoW is though.

    For example: was going to solo one of those rare mobs the other day, some hunter charges in and starts the fight - fair enough - everything is fair game right?

    I whispered him and this is how the conversation went:

    Me: "Hey man, mind if I join in and help out? Set loot to Master Loot if you want, would just be handy if some leather drops as it's BoP."
    Him: "No, don't want your help"
    Me: "Ok fair enough, but what if some leather drops that I could have used?"
    Him: "I'll sell it"
    Me: "But they are BoP, I'll pay some gold towards it?"
    Him: "No, rather just vendor it"
    Me: "Ok then, would have been nice to see some community spirit"
    **Hunter is ignoring you**

    You may have had good intentions by saying the line which is now in bold... but in actuality, you just insulted the guy. Frankly, your conversation should have ended after the first time the hunter said "No". You tried to force yourself into his group after being told no. Had I been in the same situation with you, I would have done the exact same thing. I applaud the hunter for telling you off and then ignoring you. At least in my eyes, this is a terrible example of "what is wrong" with the WoW community.

    Think of it from the hunter's perspective, maybe he gets great joy out of actually soloing rare mobs. WoW has many different players with many different mindsets. We all enjoy different things. This is something that we need to be cognizant of.

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    Compared to League of Legends' community, I'd give wow's community a fat five, but from a normal point of view, wow's community sucks pretty hard aswell... There are some exceptions, yet very, very few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Think of it from the hunter's perspective, maybe he gets great joy out of actually soloing rare mobs.
    Or, as a hunter he was a skinner, too.

    I know from raising a skinner you kind of have to stake out an area as a claim, otherwise leechers will come in and try to take your skins. Last time I was out with him was when CRZ first came, and there was a Hordie from Shandris with his corner, and we had our own. Then some Mok dude flies in and tries to steal skins as we kill them, and proceeds to go to the Hordie to do the same. When he parked himself between both of us grabbing content to kill from our zones, that's the first time I said "server first" and we went and destroyed every dragonkin in the area until he left...hundreds laid before us, unskinned.

    Rude people get their just deserts.
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    Mmo-c community has it's "douches", but I think it's much better than WoW in-game community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana View Post
    There is always so much talk about WoW having the worst possible online community ever... That nothing in the game can be designed around social dynamics because everyone are "dicks" etc.

    Does this also reflect upon the Mmo-champion forum community then? Reasonably the forum community of the worst possible gaming community should reflect this, right?

    Every game community I'm ever part of bitches about how everyone are dicks. It's the fucking Internet get over yourself you fuckin' casual!!! =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post
    The WoW community is a lot better than the moba or FPS communities when it comes to things like losing tempers, raging, swearing, insulting people etc.

    I've made some fantastic friends in WoW and I've made some great friends here too and overall I like both the MMO and the WoW community... can't say I've ever hated anyone on either, sometimes I'm a bit disappointed in people but that goes for humanity in general, not a specific gaming community :P
    I agree with Sham here, WoW isn't as bad a FPS or MOBA communities. MMO-Champ is great, but ever since the Video Games Forum brought into forums for other games the shitstorm began and wont stop until those forums are removed or moved somewhere.

    /2 cents
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    i find these forums much more capable of actual discussion

    it isnt just 90 threads of NERF MAGES/WARRIORS/X

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    OP you are absolutely right. the games community = mmo-c community.

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    2. There are far too many people who don't seem to understand the difference between "I need..." and "I want..." and complain about being forced to do things that are, in fact, optional. The sense of entitlement is annoying. Combine this with the mods not aggressively closing or merging threads that echo other threads saying the exact same thing and the front page is overwhelmed with copycat threads by yet another person who thinks we need yet another thread about dailies, pvp etc.

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    I'd say League of Legends takes the cake for worst community, Call of Duty is also terrible(FPS games in general)

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    I think we have an excellent community. We have made a whole cultural society within 8 years.

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    Mmo-champ deffo has one of the worst userbases, proof lies in general off-topic discussion forums , where i started to hate all americans equally and indiscriminately.
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    The ones that rated 1.. I would like to know what you rate the RTS (Dota2 and HoN) community

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    I think MMO Champion's about as good of a community you can hope for considering it's size and breadth of topics. ^^
    It's not one of my favourite boards, but I enjoy it enough to come back and post every few days or so.

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    The worst possible online community has to be all the kids who played battlefield 1942 back in the day. God you have no idea how anoying it is to hear a 12 year old screaming trough his mic that he made a headshot... Same applies for the Halo 2 community back on the orignal xbox live network.

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    These threads are so highly opinionated... there's no actual facts. Everyone has their type of player that they hate... I fit that role, but I don't make the community any worse... Sure I kill low characters when I'm running around... it's part of the game... Sure I kill people who are killing rare elites so that I can get the kill, it's part of the game... I would wipe raids before they entered the raid with a couple of my friends, it's part of the game. I might be that "asshole" who kills you when you level and you're unable to kill me do to my experience in PvP, but that doesn't categorize me as a bad player in the community.

    WoW will never have a good community... why? Because everyone has their own opinions and a lot of people stand firm on them. If someone says PvE is amazing and PvP sucks, they'll only bash heads with someone who says the complete opposite. As far as this website... I can't reflect... I know I've given mature, logical reasoning in threads related to WoW and subscription losses... I've gotten stupid bans for posts that only contain opinions and evidence to support them. Leads me to believe that there is a heavily biased side to this website that is against freedom of speech... if you don't agree with us, we'll ban you.
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    Its about 75/25 in favour of nice people for me, Imo Im someone people can hate tbh, its never my intention to be that way just sometimes I can be negative, I decided to ease myself out of GW2 subforums and pop back every now and then because not only was I getting a lot of negative pms but peope were just flat out annoyed at me. I think if more people just took a step back and thought hey, just let them enjoy it it would be a better place. I do think that the overall community is good tho.

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    People are fine, but politic discussions should be forbidden.

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