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    Trinket selection [Resto]

    What trinkets are you guys using and/or going for this tier?

    I guess most specifically how would you rank these trinkets if you had all of them, which would you equip?

    Shadopan Revered Trinket (Intellect with a +spirit on use)
    Cranes Deck (Intellect with a passive on cast +spirit)
    Will of Emp Trinket (Spirit with a passive on cast +int)

    Just looking for opinions, I dont have all three yet but I'm debating making the Cranes Deck because I have alot of cards but dont know if its worth the gold.

    thanks !

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    Both the Will of the Emperor and Cranes Deck trinkets average about 45% uptime on their procs.

    Here is what the numbers are for the normal mode versions of these trinkets in terms of total INT and Spirit.

    Relic of Chi Ji - 1157 INT, Average of 1362 Spirit
    Qin-Xi's Polarizing Seal - 1079 SPI, Average of 1456 INT
    Scroll of Revered Ancestors - 1079 INT, 899 Spirit average

    The VP trinket is pretty much absolutely a waste of VP, unless you have nothing else to spend it on; both the Cranes Deck and Will trinket beat it in both INT and Spirit

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    i've read somewhere that the crit on-use trinket from shadopan is pretty good for resto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xarganthos View Post
    i've read somewhere that the crit on-use trinket from shadopan is pretty good for resto.
    Its not bad but the spirit gives more straight up mana regeneration. If mana isn't an issue anymore than i say go for it. Other wise i would recomend staying with the DMC trinket and Scroll of Revered Ancestors until you can get the healing trinket out of Terrace which has the highest spirit regen of the tier as well as some nice intellect.

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    right now I am using the vial of icharous blood and the relic of chi gi. I want will of the emperor, but it hasn't dropped for me yet. I prefer proc trinkets instead of on use. On use is good, but is just another button I have to press and time right.

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