View Poll Results: Least played Profession ?

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  • Necro

    45 48.91%
  • Mesmer

    18 19.57%
  • Thief

    17 18.48%
  • Hunter

    12 13.04%
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    In pvp they're plenty of Mesmers indeed.
    So if you take it pvp and pve seperate, I think engineers would win this poll.

    Except for one thing: they are not even in the poll...

    What's the use of making a poll with this question if the most likely winner isn't even included?

    If you want to poll about professions, include them ALL. No matter the question... Don't filter the results beforehand yourself by excluding some professions for whatever reason.

    This isn't a valid poll untill all professions are listed.

    if you can't edit, ask a moderator to close or remove the whole thing and start again.
    Or ask them to change the poll itself
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    Depends on what mode we are talking about, take WvW; 80% is ranger. spvp; 80% is mesmers; pve: is a bit more mixed. but overall pretty much no one plays necro or engineer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockeyhacker View Post
    Seems like the class I see least often is Engineers...
    Yeah, engineers would be my pick too, so it's weird they're not on the list. I see a fair amount of mesmers and necros in my PvE adventures, but hardly ever any engineers past the starting zones. Maybe one per major DE chain, if that.

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    I do believe that after this patch we will see a lower number of Rangers in general, and Mesmers in W3 and sPvP.

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    In tPvP, it is rangers followed by warriors. In PvE, I'd guess engineer or necromancer.

    Also, your poll is stupid.

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