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    Which to replace - pocket watch or egg?

    Just wondering which to replace as a shadow priest with DMC trinket:

    Mithril Pocketwatch

    Thousand-Year Pickled Egg

    The watch procs on damaging spells but passive is weaker. The egg only procs on heals but with Halo heals so it's not hard to proc. Also extra haste with the Shadowfiend means more hits.

    Anyway opinions?

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    The watch - the proc is worth less 904 int and the static crit is worse than a haste proc.

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    You should shoot to replace both of them. The egg only procs on heals, which means it's not procing on CD for you as shadow, AND has an abysmal proc rate. It's even terrible for healing, averaging only 5-7 procs over a 9 minute fight based on previous log analysis on our healers. As a DPS, I would imagine it's going to be much less. If you miss the proc with the long CD on Halo, you will have to wait even longer. Both of the dps trinkets from the heroic dungeons are better imo (flashfrozen resin globule and the vision of the predator). The Egg for the intellect alone will beat out the stopwatch, but I would get a dungeon trinket instead.
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