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    Standard or deluxe edition

    Ok just a quick question guys

    I have the mop standard edition is it still worth upgrading it to the deluxe edition?

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    If you want the pet and mount then sure, if you dont care about pets and mounts then no! (assuming you mean the digital deluxe ofc)

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    Do you want a mount and a pet?


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    short answear: no

    Yes or no depending on how you value pets and mounts. The mount looks like utter shit, and so does the pet.

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    If you want the mount and pet.. sure. I don't really use the mount anyway. I think you also get some SC2 portraits and a Diablo banner but that might be with the CE only.

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    The mount is -eh- at best and the pet looks (quite literally) retarded, with it's facial expression.
    If you want to do it for the mount ok, if you really really like it, but don't do it for the pet.
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    Not worth it imo the mount and pet look shit

    also i dont think the deluxe version is gonna appreciate much in the future even if it is unopened

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    Thanks for all your help guys, I think I will just leave it then... as a little side post what are you guys opinions on medium and high pop realms and pve vs pvp

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