Am I missing something?

Heard from my guildie annoyed that he was being corpse camped by 7 hordies here when he came to have a look at armour for transmog a while back. Didn't really think anything of it until I heard someone else complain more recently. I decided to visit myself today and, yep, there's still a load of Horde Derping around flying and trying to gank people from the rooftops so they can't fly up to fight back (yay "world PvP", such honour).

But why? Sure, the Dark Portal in blasted lands controls everyone going to Outland, but there can't be THAT many lvl 90s visiting Area 52 for the PVP armour? There can't even be that many people questing surely, as I think you can be in Northrend by the time you have to quest there?

Is there something I'm missing, that's actually causing such a large influx of lvl 90 players there, that it's actually more efficient to farm honour than doing a few battlegrounds? Or is it really just the biggest no-lifers in the game staying there all day, hoping someone will eventually turn up that they can torment for a while?

This isnt a CRZ debate, im just genuinely curious why there are so many horde waiting for people there all the time.