I am trying different setups up to see how they perform. I play a fury warrior with the characteristics of high on demand damage, high survilibility, low cc, low sustained damage.

I was thinking to play with a second warrior with the same characteristics but since the latest trend is arms I might have trouble finding someone.
I played with a hunter before hotfix and our main problem was the low sustained damage and low hunters survilibility. Half of our games we won in 5 seconds. The remaining half we would win if their dps trained me - we would lose if they trained the hunter.
I played with a frost mage which had much more cc than the hunter but less damage. We would hit a wall against holy paladins or most classes with immunities. Then if their dps went for me we would win else if they go for the mage we would lose.

I was thinking to team up with a healer - but then I am afraid we might not have enough damage to secure the kills. So therefore the question is which of the 5 healers could add to the damage counter the most? The pros on this case is that we could literally not die. ever.

I was thinking to team up with a shadow priest, because people claim they are hard to kill (I hope harder than the hunter and the mage I played with) and have nice burst on demand. But the dr on our ccs worries me.

Finally which dps class would you consider has the higher sustained damage? perhaps that class would force some cooldowns so I can finishing the job with the high burst.