Sorry for my bad english.

Dont know about you ppl but warr in bg's are too op, casters cant do nothing about that. They have too many stuns, and can hit in stuns, how can someone cast something ( every piece of gear with haste and all i have is 1.25 sec cast ) and not to be interrupted with something, if you run from warr you will get charge and stun, wooow. Best thing is that warr is not full pvp gear, but i am , with pvp power 27.63% and resilience 56.63%, i dont get stun or silence reduction, why? Here is spell reflect , immune to fear , and silence from priest do not affect warr abilities ( also paladin can stun you 2 times in a role and you cant do nothing about that, dk has bubble like paladin-immune to spell damage and you must cast Mass dispel -1.25 sec , and for that time? , all male dps will do damage to you, no use at all. Why ppl with "blue blood" dont make to break stuns when someone hit you? Make it more like fear, its break when someone hit that person. Casters dont have clear space to cast something on male dps ( warr, dk, paladin...) , well casters are not male with instant spells we need to cast, 1.25-2.0 sec. I hope ppl with "blue blood" can do something , couse this is the end of me to play wow, i like wow ( playing 5y ) but now its over.