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    Just started - Engineer

    Hello community. I just started playing this game, made my first character, an Asura Engineer. I love the game so far,I just had a couple questions.

    Does the engineer pick up damage-wise? I was doing an event earlier (level 13 or so) and I was plugging away at mobs with my rifle and my turrets, then some guy with a huge sword comes in and starts 2-3 shotting everything. Am I able to do that later?

    i was also wondering about weapons. I have been running around with a 2h rifle, but is it better to use a pistol? Or should I spend the skill points and buy a weapon kit?

    Thanks everyone, loving the game so far.

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    Some thoughts:

    - That player was probably higher level and downscaled. So, yes eventually you'll be able to do that.
    - Use the weapons you enjoy most, it's shouldn't really matter.
    - Spend the skill points for whatever skill you like to buy. Eventually you'll probably buy everything, but for starters you can skip the talents you don't like so you can get to the later 'tier' of talents the fastest.

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    I believe rifle has a lot more mobility than pistols, so that's why it probably does less damage (although I'm not sure on this, I don't have a high level engineer myself).
    And buy the flamethrower! It's really awesome, but will also give you a sort of weapon swap, which adds a new CDs and variety which might be nice to have. Won't really matter much on the lower levels, but as you level the mobs will take longer to kill.

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    We have threads for every profession for general questions such as this: link.

    Here is the Engineer thread: link.

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