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    [Movies] Favorite Disney villain

    Scar and Maleficent here. more fond of Scar though.

    who's yours?

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    Hades too. More so Frollo though.

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    Scar and Gaston.

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    The almighty Loki!
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    Scar and Jafar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrei View Post
    Scar and Gaston.
    Actually I said those 2 but..going with not so mainstream (in my eyes anyway) I would actually have to say Clayton (from Tarzan) ..guy was diabolical in his own right

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    Scar, Frollo, and Hades.

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    Torn between Scar, Barbosa, and Loki.

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    Definitely Hades :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROFLOCOPTER View Post
    Darth Vader.
    I see what you did there

    OT : Hades is the only one I actually remember. :P

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    Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean

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    That guy from Lion King.

    Hades from Hercules.

    The witch from The Sleeping Beauty.

    That chick from the One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

    The pirate from Peter Pan.

    Can't remember anymore now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROFLOCOPTER View Post
    Darth Vader.
    I'd say the emperor is scarier, at least he isn't stuck in a can.

    As for "original" Disney stuff I'd say Cruella De Vil.

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    The Horned King

    His motives aren't about getting the girl, taking revenge, or mere paltry things like wealth or a puppy skin coat.

    He wants to rule the world, and he raises an army of the undead to do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mardhyn View Post
    Now this is just blatant trolling, at least before you had the credibility of maybe being stupid.
    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    Sometimes you gotta stop sniffing used schoolgirl panties and start being a fucking samurai.

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    Scar. Evil son of a b****, and he's also the one who made me learn the meaning of death...

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    Scar! Only because the Swedish voice actor is insanly good!

    Just listen to that!

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    The new villain from Wreck It Ralph, not going to spoil who it is, but gosh was it an awesome villain, I liked him more than Scar.

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    Maleficent. Ill admit I have a disney tat. Shes on my shin. Shes one evil bitch. Shes also the reason I made a lock seven yrs ago.

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