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    Quote Originally Posted by Vizardlorde View Post
    real advantages >.> I bet you thought she meant boobs just like me.
    Yeah, it wasn't clear. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imbashiethz View Post

    You can leave out the second part. :P
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    I'm about 185 cm / 6'1 which is slightly over the average, though I feel a bit shorter sometimes for some reason. My foot is incredibly big though, 50 / 14(?) which makes finding shoes a pain.

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    Everyone in my family is taller than me, except for my grandma (5'0) and aunt (4'10). I'm sitting right at 5'3", and I'm average in height for a woman my age (24) :P. My husband is 6'2", so he fits in with all the tall people in my family! My dad is 6'2", uncles vary from 6'0 to 6'4". And my grandpa is the tallest of them all, standing at 6'5". So... I think it's just a man thing, most of the women in my family stand under 5'7". My sister is the tallest female, she's 16 and still growing. 5'6", and I know she'll grow another inch or so.

    No advantages or disadvantages to being average height, I wish I could reach some items at the store, and I can ride amusement park rides!
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    I'm like 5'8 and my gf is about 5'4 on a good day. Our son is in the 85% percentile for height. Both our dads are above 6 foot. We are the runts of our family but seem to have a very tall son, which is awesome. If he breaks 6 feet I can teach him how to make millions. I played receiver in college at my height, imagine if my offspring breaks 6 feet
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vizardlorde View Post
    most of the Europeans in these forums are giants. Being 5'9" I would be slightly taller than average in my demographic (Hispanic male).
    There are some skyscrapers here I tell you.

    Like this dude, old buddy of of mine(dude on the right), he's dad is even taller and a police officer, not the kind of guy you want to fuck with!

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    The nerve is called the "nerve of awareness". You cant dissect it. Its a current that runs up the center of your spine. I dont know if any of you have sat down, crossed your legs, smoked DMT, and watch what happens... but what happens to me is this big thing goes RRRRRRRRRAAAAAWWW! up my spine and flashes in my brain... well apparently thats whats going to happen if I do this stuff...

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    6'6 here. My wife if 5'4. It makes it kind of awkward to kiss sometimes. Pros? People tend to move for me. If I am in a large group of people I just have to look determined when I walk and people tend to clear out of my way. I never have a hard time reaching stuff on shelves. I always have a good view at a movie or concert.

    Cons? Buying pants. I can't tell you how hard it is. I'm sort of awkward in that I am not tall and lanky. I am sort of portly. Ideally I would wear a 38/34 or a 40/34. The people that make clothes believe guys that shape don't exist. I can find plenty of 38 waist pants with 32 length or less. And I can find plenty of 34 length with a 34 waist. That shit just doesn't work. I normally only have one pair of jeans at a time. Simply can't find more.

    My feet hang off a lot of beds. I've even had to put an office chair at the end of the bed for my feet at one point. Baths are out of the question, and there are several cars that I simply can not fit in. Not would be uncomfortable, but literally won't fit in.
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    I'm just under 5', 150cm... I know it's okay as a girl, but it doesn't half get annoying when you can't reach anything... And it is impossible to buy fitting clothes! With a 26" inside leg length, I have never owned anything that fit!
    Pros, I can fit easily in beds! I can lay sideways in mine and still not reach the edges
    I'm awesome at hide and seek too, can fit into tiny boxes/cabinets as I'm super flexible and tiny.

    Tbh, I'd love to be a little taller, just enough to buy jeans that fit, even if petite ranges fitted I would be happy!

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    At 5'11" I'm relatively tall for a girl so it's sometimes hard to find clothing in my sizes.

    Also, when I was growing up, my mother (who is 5'5" and the shortest in the family by several inches) was constantly calling "us tall people" over every time she needed something from a high shelf. To this day I have no idea why she keeps the salt on the top shelf where she can't reach it without a step stool.

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    at 5'2 ish i can't reach anything on the top shelves in my house and cant reach the back of the lower ones . i usually grab a spatula to try and scoot bowls to where i can just reach them. my dad can reach all the things at 5'4 how cruel being a whole 2inches off. being 18 it is unlikely ill get any taller. but hey clothes are usually a bit loose/long like i them, even if i trip over them down the stairs every once in awhile and i can ride all the rides without much of a fear for my life >.>.
    I'd torture a thousand souls just to see her smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sythari View Post
    6ft 4 inches/193 CM.

    Perks: I can reach high stoof.
    Cons: Hitting my head on just about everything.
    Yeah, hitting head on things, had a fair bit of concussion in my time.

    6'8 about 205cm, I'm only 20 and that was about 2 years ago.

    Pros: working in retail means the top shelves are rather easy, oh and the cleavage shots
    Cons: back problems, insecurity, people are scared of you, bullied at an earlier age, clothes, the list goes on...

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    5,4 male the only issues i can think of is getting into alot of fights because i look like an easy target.

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    5´1 (158cm)

    Pros --> I fit anywhere, I am agile, have no problems on my joints/knees/elbows like many of my tall friends, I can do pretty much anything physically without much trying. I am sneaky, silent and deadly I can ride any rollercoaster, NEVER hit my head anywhere because of height, and the best of all, I always keep my head up!!

    Cons --> There are no cons, I wouldn't be taller if I could choose

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    5'9". Disadvantage is I'm not "Tall" which is apparently quite appealing to people in general.

    Advantage is I'm roughly average which means all doorways and such are made for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghul View Post
    199cm here, a bit over 2m with my boots on.
    im working as an electrician and i can easily work at normal living-room ceilingheight without using a ladder. another perk is sometimes the better angle at womens cleavage, ähe. i also get to see peoples surprised faces, when im telling them that im over 100kg of weight and still look like a normal weight person. from this there also seems to be a higher "base"-strength, because as some general rule theres said that a human can lift his own weight.. soo by being heavier i am, more or less, automatically a bit "stronger".

    cons: -nothing seems to fit, hard time finding something thats fitting enough to be worn.
    -now that im 27 i already trained myself into the reflex of ducking when im in doubt about being able to pass underneath a door or other things. that said, i bumped my head a lot(and often quite hard too) when i was at around the age of 17 to 19, because i grew like 20cm a year back then and i didnt get used to it fast enough.
    also, many people seem to be "scared" of me by default. not the type of scared where you scream and run away, but more like "uhh i better dont mess with that one, hes 2 heads bigger than me!", wich is also quite the bad thing for meeting new people - to top it off im also quite the introvert and quiet type, so i'm not showing much of my natural cheerfulness.
    i dont fit into most sports-cars (not that i could afford one, but they are out of the question, even if i had the money 8>)
    also this, most people seem very "feeble" and "easily breakable" to me, wich is why im handling them with more care than you usually would... because i dont wanna break them(even while im fully aware of the fact that im not able to "break" them with my normal movements).

    theres some more, but i dont remember them right now^^
    OMFG I'm exactly the same :d Experience all the same things. No clothes fits me well (monkey arms darn you..), to the being afraid of breaking stuff, to old people crossing the street when I meet them on the sidewalk (apparently big dudes are bad dudes.. And I dress normally fyi)

    Bit younger and no electrician, otherwise I'd think you were reading my mind

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    6'0 female over here, probably 130lbs. Growing up really sucked because I was the tallest in my classes pretty much up till middle school when boys finally hit puberty. Clothes shopping sucked and still kinda sucks. I have a long torso and long arms so shirts are too short and long sleeves aren't long enough. My sister is only 5'6 so I couldn't share clothes with her either. Usually I have to buy clothes that are bigger so they cover.

    Those are the disadvantages. Good things are people saw me as mature when I was kid and were astonished when I told them I was only 12. I can always grab things off high places. People always are surprised when I say 6 foot tall, and ask if I play basketball, volleyball or model. I laugh and tell them that I am a video game champion! ^_^ I do get hit on a lot though, but I just mention my 6'2 hubby and its all good.

    Represent my tall sisters! Don't be ashamed of being tall!
    Quote Originally Posted by Trucidor

    "Oh, Tirion's having a carnival!"

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    5'9" 15 year-old male, 163 pounds. I feel for everyone when they say, "Yeah, I get called 24/7 to reach things shorter people can't - Why the bloody heck do they keep this stuff where they can't reach it, anyway?!" LOL! So true! On the plus side, easy to make friends, unless you bulldozer over someone by accident... *sheepish grin*
    On one hand though, there are both pros and cons to being tall or short. I choose to accept what I am and move on. Besides, my gf barely reaches my chest. She hates it (especially if I tease her about it!) but in reality I think it's waaaaay cute.
    Pyromaniac protégé.

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    I have to watch out for ceiling fans, light fixtures, short door frames(pretty much anything that hangs), and it's a pain finding pants/shirts that are long enough to not have my ass hanging out the back or feel like I'm wearing flood pants.

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