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    Video capturing software for desktop


    So i am a "Noob" when it comes to software, one thing i like are the video capturings. Especially the free ones (obviously) Well i use one called MSI Afterburner. Works good but i can only (with my knowledge) record stuff in-game

    Now i was wondering, can all video capturing software record both in-game, and outside of the game onto Desktops, Like how people make instruction videos on how to delete programs or clean your browser etc. Or are those completely different from each other?

    If they are different and my MSI Afterburner can not do this, Do they have a free Desktop video capture software, that is free?

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    Yeah i don't know why i did not do it before, I just clicked my Key that captures the video and it recorded lol

    Well guess it shows you that i am indeed a noob at software

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    I don't know if the latest stable version records sound already though. Last time I checked (which is a while ago) you needed the beta of afterburner to be able to.
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    My fav software is videocapx i made a lot of videos live camera capturing + dekstop in combination etc. when i played World of WarCraft. Now i started to play Dota 2 and i will also make some new videos. I hope this will help you.

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    Afterburner or Fraps. I use MyScreenRecorder to capture conferences at work but wouldn't recommend it.

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    You could record at 720p with xsplit (for free).

    Personally, I use fraps.
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