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    What are your Thoughts on LOTRO?

    i started playing lotro around late june this year, and i enjoyed it. i can never stick with an mmorpg very long, but i just started playing it today and i appreciate it even more. the amount of effort that went into the game is just amazing. great dungeons, raids, pvp, open world, party and raid system, questing, graphics and so much more. i appreciate it more because i love the lotr trilogy alot. the armor and weapons could be a little better, they could include some flying mounts and Turbine shouldnt be advertising the full version so much. but the armor and raids and weapons are true to the lotr lore, and they went into extreme detail with the lore. the only problem is that my pc is crap in general, and i cant witness the amazing graphics for myself (quality is still amazing on low though :P). anyway, i want to know your opinion on lotro.

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    I loved Lotro, but unfortunately, I can't seem to play the new expansions zones (Which are VERY Beautiful graphicswise from what I've seen), as I crash all the time due to the HUGE amounts of people leveling up/returning to LOTRO (I played on Brandywine, which last I heard is the 2nd most populous realm).

    This recent expansion has really shined as far as the soundtrack department is concerned. Isengard's soundtrack was "meh." But with Riders of Rohan released, I must say: Chance Thomas is a GREAT composer.

    I like the classes and the gameplay. Some classes are actually tricky to play, but not impossible. (like Lore-master - you need to carefully plan your pulls. It's not just faceroll and push random buttons). Some classes are basic difficulty, and some are moderately difficult, so there's a level of difficulty for everyone.

    The book quests are FUN, and even running them a Xth time on my alts, I still find them fun.

    Overall, I'd rate the game 9.5/10. There's always room for improvement, and Turbine does listen to the community in suggestions for improving the class. As my main is/was a Guardian, I'm happy to know that it's easier to level as a guardian with a 2h with the recent changes that came with Riders of Rohan.

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    I thought it was pretty chill when I played it, but the combat system is meh. And respawns seemed really fast

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    how is the f2p aspect of it? I played a long time ago (also on brandywine lol) just wonder how watered down the f2p aspect of it is.

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    I really liked the game when I tried it, although I have felt overwhelmed with abilities. I played a bard (or what the name was) and by level 15 i had already like 25 abilities, it was weird. But the story, quests and dungeons seemed very cool. However, I guess I just can't get into any game anymore.

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    The game is great, as the guy said above some classes are tricky to play but they are set up that way. The other classes are set up to be easy. The environments are also impressive and the quests are pretty smooth.

    What the real problem i had is the Free to play model. It ends up costing ALOT more then wow if you want to do anything good in the game. Want a mount? That will cost you a few dollars. OH you would like to do that dungeon? That will also cost you a few dollars. I would still play it if it was sub based but F2P sucks. Everybody screams they want F2P mmos but they ended up costing alot more then sub based mmos.
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    A solid, well made game but very bland & dull.

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    IMO, it has some of the best class designs out there. I know some of the abilities were homogenized a bit, so it may not be as good as it was. Graphically, it holds up well, and the music/sound is all well and good. It's really a good game, but I can only play it in short spurts, maybe one weekend out of one or two months. I enjoy it when I play it, but there has always been something that turns me off, and I just can't pinpoint it.

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    The Creeps vs Freeps was amazing. Playing a warg was just so much fun.
    I'm still thinking about it...

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