Ye i know there is xxx topics like this, tho like title says its my opinion.

I start with my age of 27 atm, i play wow from vanila, got gf since then,work and two dogs.
In vanila never did any raid, only pvp, in TBC i was in one of the top casual raiding guild on my serv. Same goes for Wotlk.

Never played more then hour or two a day, online only for raid sometimes.

I played month at start of cata then came back at the very end to get back to wow b4 mop.

So now after some time in mop i just regret a buyed it, no clue how badly they screwed casuals like me, cross realm zones to be unable to lv alt, hellfire for example, my serv is pvp low populated it was ok to get ganked once in a while its pvp i get it some nubs gotta kill lowbies to get off the edge after loosing with their levels. But now its just gankfest in there, i spowned on blasted land and it took me almost 20 min to get to portal... i hellfire all q givers are constantly dead. I get ganked like all the time now.

Back to lv 90 char. first weeks was not bad , did lots of hcs to gear up, did raid finder a bit and im stuck no chance for grinding rep, no chance to get to higher lv raid min 470 cus i dun have that raid finder gave me 4 drops since it started with any luck ill be able to do new raids in raid finder in like month or two.

I get it daily always been in game, netherwing in amber ladge for example... but this was optional not a MUST for char to progress... i just dun have time for all this things i must do to stay on top, to be able to enjoy the content.

PvP is crap liek it never was b4, i mean it never was balanced but now is just lol. This new thing in capitals to face some bosses in 1vs1 was cool idea untill i read it will need some crazy ammount of gold to even try this... i mean cmon why blizz trying to get rid of older player how actually got lives, familly, job i just dun get it why they decide to give up on those ppl like this... i prolly will play abit longer, then maby give up untill next ex pack comes out then try it again. Got no alternative for wow atm , i like playing with ppl so mmo is my choice but its just sad what happend to this game or im just to old for this now.

sry for my poor language, i never meant to offence someone so if i did im sorry.