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    Quote Originally Posted by smelltheglove View Post
    well, im not european, but i'll take a crack at it. i suspect that europeans start getting nervous when they see widespread military action, sometimes blatantly self serving, and start thinking "who's next?" remember, theyve been down this road before, watching aggression building and starting to snowball. i cant imagine they care for that behavior at all
    Americans need to realize war is an equally distant prospect to us as it is to you. Actually, it's more distant to us than you.

    Quote Originally Posted by ita View Post
    Well, to be honest, better USA than Russia or China. Most European countries dont have big military so if one of those big bears in the east goes totalitarian and decides to bring the "gift" of communism or worse here, we'd be in a bad position. Last time this happened, Russia almost invaded Finland and Sweden would have been next if they had succeeded.
    I am always baffled when people can't accept the fact we live in a modern world, where war between countries connected in so many ways (politically, economically, financially, etc.), through globalization, simply isn't going to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trotheus View Post
    I'm going off-topic a bit here but I just want to point something out quickly. If someone were to say unsavory things about, for example, Muslims, most people would put the fault on them and tell them that they need to not generalize about the group based on a few individuals.

    And yet here, without giving it a second thought, you assert that it's only natural for people to hate the whole group, as long as that group is Americans, thus putting the fault on a few individuals rather than on the bigots who generalize about us.

    I hate double standards, so that's why I wanted to point it out. Carry on.
    I second this. The fact that I'm stereotyped as a gun-slingin' 500 lb bully is highly offensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iluwen_de View Post
    This coming from an American(?) is flabbergasting. You know about the history of your country, right?

    I think Europes countries have learned a lesson from the era of colonial expansion. The US still have to learn that meddling in the affairs of other nations doesn´t lead anywhere but to hatred and conflict.
    Cheers. I'm not American. In fact, I'm the 30th something generation of my family on the same lands. And despite coming from a proud family with strong heritage and stronger traditions, I am capable of acting like a Roman in Rome. Every time I lived abroad, I managed to blend in, learn the local culture, history and languages, and not try and shove my crap down their throats. Unlike my kinmen, I don't riot over caricatures either.

    And yes, I do know about the history of my country, and also about the history of the country you thought I was from. And to be honest, most of America (The continent, not the country, mind) is made up of immigrants, since the local population wasn't vast to begin with, and were even less after the advanced Europeans were done killing them with gunpowder, diseases and slavery. Eventually, they worked out their problems Mostly by forcing them to take their religion, culture and languages.

    History repeats itself, usually.

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