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    Advice on Spirit Kings 10m normal ?

    My guild is upto this tonight and was wondering if there ANY advice for the boss fight (WW monk 2h DPS) ?

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    Don't stand in shit, AoE when everyone's mindcontrolled and interupt when it's your turn.
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    easiest encounter in the whole raid. just don't stand in shit

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    If you need class specific tips/tricks for this fight - It may be best to ask in the monk forums!

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    Nope just want to know the tip for this fight so my guild dont screw up

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    We 1 shot this on a ninja pull while ppl where respecing, its really easy, if u got there u will kill it fast.

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    Don't use a stun during the mind control part.

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    Litterally the easiest fight this tier, dont worry, you will smash it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow99 View Post
    Nope just want to know the tip for this fight so my guild dont screw up
    Qiang the Merciless - Stack in front, have one or two people stand behind him since his cleave damage is a joke. When annihilate comes, everyone runs behind him... piss easy. For Flanking Orders, just move him out of the way and restack as fast as possible, no coordination really needed here. When he dies, you still need to watch for Flanking Orders.

    Subetai the Swift - Spread. The. Fuck. Out. When the arrows come out, kill them ASAP. Get away from his volley, and dont stand in Pillage. Super easy mechanics. When he dies, you still need to watch for Pillage.

    Meng the Demented - Stack up tight, or, if you were unlucky and got him as your second boss (Before subetai) spread out and stack 5 secs before Maddening Shout (Mind Control). We usually just have a warrior Dragon Roar or Leap + Whirlwind to clear it extremely fast. Thats all you really need to worry about here. He retains Maddening Shout when he dies.

    Zian of the Endless Shadow - You don't even need to interrupt him he's so easy. When the skulls come out, just kite them to the back of the room, and kill them quickly. We usually just have the ranged dispatch them so the melee don't need to run around. They have hardly any HP at all. When he dies, he retains the skulls. Also, don't stand in the defile they drop.

    About all you need to know, this is an extremely easy loot pinata in Normal.

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    You should care about Elegon, because he's a real bitch even on normal (hardest boss on normal). I think you will 3 or 4 shot the spirit kings. That's what we did at least. Don't stand in shit. Assign guys to kick. Don't do too much damage if the reflecting stacks on Meng get high (don't kick here to leave the phase as fast as possible).

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    Hopefully get my damn polearm tonight (normal version) from Spirit King and yet also we have 2 tanks 4 healers and 4 dps but tonight we should have 2-3 healers/1 tank and rest DPS for the boss fight ?

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    Make sure DPS don't kill themselves during the reflect portion, and don't snare or stun during the mind control and this fight should be some free gear. =D

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    Super easy. Make sure the tank is paying attention and have the tank stay with him for Qiang the Merciless to mitigate damage. AOE when everyone is MCd, but lightly and not any CC. Avoid the flanking guards. Avoid arrows, kill arrow trapped people and have ranged kill/kite skulls. Super easy fight, we two-shotted it and the first try was with a DPS pulling accidentally and a healer AFK!

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