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    VP gear help (tank)

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. So I currently have 2k vp, and I'm 471 ilevel tank. My guild is currently on MSV spirit kings 10 man normal and we're going to finish MSV before we touch Heart of Fear. Anyways, should I get the vp helm this tuesday reset, then get the golden lotus ring or shado pan trinket in the following 2 weeks (option a) or get the shado pan trinket now, and golden lotus ring immediately this tuesday reset (option b). With option a I get a bit more stats in longer time, but with option b I get less stats in less time. I think option b is best now cause I'm trying to clear MSV. The trinket has stamina and mastery on use which seems pretty good as well. Just wanted to get you guys' opinion on this. Here's my tank's armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...retsu/advanced.
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    replace brawler's trinket with the shado pan trinket first. your hp is very low

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    How good is the trinket though? I've never seen such a trinket before. Seems like it would be nice to use for blocking attacks if shield block is down + soaking stuff with its native stamina. I've decided to hold off on buying helmet cause tomorrow HoF LFR opens. Doesn't really matter what I get now, I can get the second piece in the following rest (so "tomorrow's week") Trinket or ring first?
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