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    General opinion about usefulness and priority DPS trinkets for prot

    I was wondering what the general consensus is about the usefulness of trinkets such as Lei Shin's Final Orders for prot (assuming the haste over mastery stat prio). Compared to the "true" tank trinkets dropping this tier it seems to me I would get more out of the melee DPS trinkets. (since strength gives a good amount of parry too).
    The follow-up question to that is how would you prioritize loot? Equal rolls for both prot and melee DPS or something else?

    Asking this because it came up after our (1st, yay) kill of the Will of the Emperor. I started bidding DKP which caused some discussion. I didn't feel like making too much of a fuss about it considering the time and since we were all a bit tense already, so I let the DPS take it. But in case this happens another time I'm wondering what other people think.

    Thanks in advance for any response.

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    Its up to your raid really, if your DPS are lagging behind a bit then its probably worth giving it up to them (Loot council style)
    Personally I wouldn't take that specific trinket over a DPS mostly because its the final boss, so you don't really have anything to gear up for now, and heroics will most likely require you to have a Stam trinket in at least 1 slot if not both

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