Are you like me? You've sat at the computer for almost eight straight hours, doing nothing. Then suddenly, you think of leveling a alt, but you have really NO IDEA what to level? Then, my dear friend, this thread is for you!

How this works:

1) You make a post in this thread including the following:
a) you current main's class and specialization.
b) any alts you already have (for example, level 86 Shaman, level 42 Mage ect).
c) the class you really do not want to level (for example "I hate healers, give me a tank or DPS!").
d) Horde or Alliance (of course, you may include "I really don't like Orcs" and we won't tell you to roll a Orc).
e) (OPTIONAL) Do you want to PvE or PvP on your new character?

2) Another Forum user replies to your post and tells you:
a) What class you shall roll.
b) What race your new alt shall be.
c) Your new alts specialization.

You come back after a while, when you have started on your alt, either thanking the person who adviced you to roll a specific class, or saying that you're not happy with the choise and that you'd want a new class chosen for you (in that case, please make a new post).

Let the alt-leveling begin!