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    Question about resto druid gearing and haste breakpoints.

    Hello! I have a small question regarding resto's breakpoints for haste and gearing, reforging etc. My raid group unfortunately has yet to come across the 5% spell haste buff aside from fights where our resto shaman goes elemental so we can 2-heal it. My question is, how can I get to my haste breakpoint with my current gear without that 5% spell haste buff? Or is it not at all possible until I get a few more upgrades? My armory link is in my signature.

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    If you are talking about the extra rejuv/tranq tick then it's no way possible. Do you have a hunter that could provide via pet? They may lose a small amount of personal dps(if sv/mm) but the raid at large would thank them

    You are similarly geared to me and I aleady have haste reforges on most of my bits just to make the 3043 breakpoint. Blizzard unfortunately doesn't seem to bless my drops with haste, or the vp gear.

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    Yeah, we don't. We have every other buff but the 5% spell haste has managed to elude us., sadly. Kinda makes me wish a healer spec had the buff available to them.

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    As you need 5320 haste rating without 5% spell haste, it's not possible for you. However, if you can manage to get your hands on the resto epic pvp chest, you might be able to, as it has a huge chunk of haste on it (around 700 afaik), and if you change some gems (+320 haste in yellow, +80 int/+160 haste in red, +160 haste/+160 spirit in blue) and enchants (boots and gloves can be enchanted with haste) around you might be able to hit it. Also, you have reforged haste -> mastery on your neck, seems kind of strange to me.

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    5320 is a lot, but it is possible now or very soon depending on your gear and progression capabilities. Try to reforge from crit first. Mastery is very good, but getting those extra ticks on Rejuv and Tranq are even more important, especially in a 10 man.

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