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    The Redskins Rule

    I'm actually curious to see if this holds up this year. If it does, then according to the modified rule it'll be 19 to 19 times that it has held true.

    What do you all think? Is it superstitious hokum or a conspiracy?


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    I think it's a coincidence.

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    a dark day in hell if romney wins

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckybeer View Post
    a dark day in hell if romney wins
    Because the light will have defeated the darkness of Hell and banished it back to its domain if Romney wins. Oh, you didn't mean it that way?
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    Already 1 ad-hoc correction to the rule...that ruins it completely in my books. These things are only fun/interesting to look at when they are true 100% of the time. Of course, they still hold no predictive value, but are still fun.
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    Seriously i saw him say that and created an account to point that out. The fact that you beat me has just ruined the next four months of my life.

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    Come on, quoting a xkcd riddled in errors doesn't prove anything.
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