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    Quote Originally Posted by meteo View Post
    translation: I'm gemming stamina so I look tanky but take much more damage and will rely on having amazing healers who know how to manage their mana because I will need more heal than other tanks

    Stam stacking isn't a good option unless you are progressing content way undergeared and even then hit/exp-cap might be worth more if you can't reach it with reforges alone.
    i take much less damage than our DK ot and protadin MT, skills > gemming

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    Use reforge Lite to make the reforging easier.

    put in the weights of 2550 Expertise and hit in the first 2 spots and make sure mastery is 3rd.

    Use that to reforge. it will get you pretty spot on.

    Check out the Prot warrior guide up there and regem accordingly.

    Start stacking Mastery anywhere you can get it after that. The parry should come pretty naturally from gear.

    In 5 mans make sure you always have shield block on CD. Use it every time it is available when you are tanking a group of mobs. Use Barrier/block for bosses and S/wall when you get the really heavy hitters in. Demo shout/banner should be up whenever you can. One thing i do when gearing early up is get the mobs, make sure i have adequate threat, Shockwave then heroic leap away. Some times you gotta kite. Enraged regeneration/second wind (whichever one you prefer) is your friend here as well.

    Edit: I really like Disrupting Shout in 5 mans. Shuts thoe casters up and brings them into Melee range where i can keep them clsoe to me to control and interrupt them easier.
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    If healers are complaining about him in random heroics, it's not a gear issue. It's a "you don't track your shield barrier issue". Forget about shield block on random heroics. Get an aura or an addon to track how much of your shield barrier absorb it's left, when it's gone, put another up. If they are disappearing too fast, it's time for shield wall or demo shout. Half the time the bosses and packs can't even get through the barriers. There are entire heroics soloable as a warrior tank.

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