About us

<Daoine Sidhe> is a semi-hardcore 10-man raiding guild. Most of our core guild members have been playing WoW together since TBC. We mainly focus on raiding but occasionally there is some PvP going on. Our main goal has always been to achieve as much as we possibly can in raiding. Whilst we really enjoy raiding in WoW, when there is no raid for that day some of our members focus on PvP (battlegrounds, arena etc) or achievements and may play other games in their free time.


We are a long-standing guild that has been around on WoW for well over 3 years now. Previously we resided on Karazhan EU for the most part until we started to see more and more top guilds moving to more populated servers. We saw Karazhan was dying, all the decent players/guilds had left and so we felt a more populated server would be better for us to try and recruit good players. Also with the upcoming expansion being released and the 'World PvP' scene expecting to make a comeback, that also had a part in our decision of finding a better server with a decent Horde/Alliance ratio.

We transferred from Karazhan EU > Ragnaros EU sometime around February 2012 - we feel it was a great decision to come here and have never looked back since.

Currently Recruiting

At the moment we are currently recruiting a skilled and dedicated Healer (Druid or Sham) and a DPS - which can be, but not limited to: Rogue, Shadow Priest, Ret Pala, Frost/Unholy DK or Mage.

Even if your class is not listed here - exceptional applications will always be considered.

Current Progress

Currently we have cleared all normal content and we are now working towards Gara'jal Heroic.
(2/16 HC)

Raid times are currently Thursday and Sunday from 19:30 - 23:00.

What we require from you:

- Age requirement 18+ with some exceptions.
- A stable internet connection.
- A strong knowledge of your class and talent spec.
- High attendance to our raids (80%).
- Bringing consumables to raids (Flasks, Buff food etc.)
- A working mic and able to speak when required.

When raiding we do take raiding seriously whilst keeping a light mood on the vent server with the occasional joke or two thrown around .

If you feel this is the guild for you and want more details or have any questions about the guild before you apply then please don't hesitate to whisper one of our officers or whisper any of our members and ask for an online officer. We will gladly answer your questions .


(Seyloran - Kragar - Paranema - Krosion - Bulgah)