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    Class Synergy

    I know that class synergy isn't anywhere near important in D3 as it is in WoW for example, but I have a guildmate that plays D3 and wants more people in the guild to play it so I'm going to jump back in now that the initial rush of MoP is over. Is there any class that works exceptionally well with a WW Barb or does it really not matter at all. I honestly enjoy all 5 classes so I'm just looking at something that we can eventually push MP10 clears.

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    As a WW barb myself, I find that CM wizards are my best friends. AoE stunlock is great.
    Monks provide huge dps increase with Overawe.

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    As a cyclone monk having a CM wiz running IAS Bubble is just the best !
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    demon hunters seem to work best for me and my friend as a ww barb

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    CM wizards work wonders with anyone and anything. It basically will permastun everything, super high DPS and helps keep everyone safe.

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    Alright thanks guys, I had just started leveling a Wizard anyhow so I guess this seals the deal.

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