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    Krasarang Wilds?

    Quick question. I was wondering if you'll have to complete x amount of Krasarang Wild's quests in order to unlock the PVP Dailies and zones. Can anyone give me an answer? I dont remember reading anything about it.

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    No you don't have to finish the zone to partake in the new stuff
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    Do you even need to enter the zone though for questing? I stayed in Valley and plan on staying in Valley for my alts.
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    It has allready been blue posted that you do not need to have done any quest in karasang wilds to do the new pvp dailies comming in patch 5.1
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    Well the dailies are there so... yeah.

    The islands are already in game, they're west of Unga Ingoo if I remember right. Empty at the moment.

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    No. The dailies are in a separate part of the zone from where leveling quests are (unlike Hyjal, where they phased them on top of each other).

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    Okay, thank you all for the replies.

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    I do not believe you need to enter the zones. I am 90% sure we don't, there hasn't been any word about that detail. That and I don't think we'll be shoehorned into questing Wilds just to see the new stuff.

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    PTR's open see for yourself. As far as can tell come 5.1 you get an auto quest to come to where your factions base then I think it's kill 25 (unimpressive) NPCs and talk to some dudes with your faction leader along for the ride (and fight) and then you send a signal of some kind and then all the sudden your standing in a base that wasn't there a second age with some dailies are waiting.

    As for PVP you just sit on the objective fight off folk who "object" (if there are any) and get a buff for what's captured. You have to be flagged PVP to capture of course. Come to the PTR we nead more folks in the PVP area everybody just keeps walking around taking objective with no resistance cause not enough people are on. It kinda defeats the test so please more people.

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    No the Horde base is vacant island the alliance got a peninsula. The PVP objectives themselves are all around the coast. Not present in live, but on the PTR.

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    nope, but even if you did the zone is tiny and you can do all the quests in an hour or so.

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