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    Thank you Blizzard

    I can't post on the wow forums anymore, but it doesn't really matter. About a week ago the WoW community lost a good person, my friend Odlaw. He passed away, and to cut the story short, we made a thread to him here.

    I'm not sure if Blizzard saw this or not, but today on mmo-champ I see this.

    I don't have words to describe how cool this is. I do wish I could post though to get a blue response about these.

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    I always enjoy these memorial touches from Blizzard. It shows a great compassion for the playerbase.

    * salutes

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    If true, that's pretty neat. Kudos to them.

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    I can't think of what else it's for. Odlaw was a hunter, and made some mods, and was just a super nice person. So nice of Blizzard

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    Dang, this finally thread finally got me to make an account :P

    But, wow that's really nice of blizzard to do that, Not many game companies do this now days..

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    "striding always onwards in our hearts"

    that's really cool
    I've no idea what to write here.

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    oh that's really nice of them. too bad they're alliance only or i'd buy a pair just because that's so nice of them to do

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    That's awesome. Salute to your fallen friend.
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    Woah thats awesome.

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    That's pretty awesome. When an officer in my guild passed away, we all were wishing there was some way to memorialize him in the game. I hadn't heard of them actually doing things like this except for Blizzard employees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticj View Post
    Dang, this finally thread finally got me to make an account :P

    But, wow that's really nice of blizzard to do that, Not many game companies do this now days..
    Blizzard have been doing this for years Caylee Dak and Captain Armando Ossex for example.

    Still extremely kind of them to do this /respect

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    Rest in Peace my fellow gamer.

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    thats really awesome.../salute and RIP
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    It's always somewhat perplexing to me that so many people so often forget that "Blizzard", are people just like you. They love games, enjoy creating things, and love their friends and family. Just like you. It's unfortunate that it takes times of loss and heartbreak to shed some true light on the people behind WoW.

    +1 to Blizzard.
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    That's amazing. +Respect to Blizzard.

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    I love seeing stuff like that
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    Thank you all for the kind words

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    Hats of to blizzard!

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    That's pretty amazing, I love the "Striding always onwards in our hearts.". Respect

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    Respect, it's very nice of them to do that, and may your friend rest in peace.
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