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    What's your favorite game universe?

    For any number of reasons, tell us what your favorite game universe - video game or not (e.g. D&D) - and why.

    I would have to say mine is the Warhammer 40k universe or the Warcraft universe. Warhammer is so massive and epic, with all its planets and races, while Warcraft is also great with its characters and countless storylines.

    What's your favorite game universe and why?

    Edit: And the Witcher. It's so dark and brutally realistic, ahhh its great.
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    Mass Effect.

    Halo, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars complete the top 4, in no particular order.
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    Not exactly sure for gaming universe I would probably say Mass Effect as well loved how each planet varied from each other and how the main place wasn't even a planet.
    But if anything else Star Wars Universe will always remain my favorite just due to fact how much time was spent into the lore and the ammount of planets there are I just love it. (anything except Ep 1,2,3)

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    I'm actually quite fond of the WoW universe. So many stories and so many different types of characters within it.

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    from vivec city to dagon fel, my choice has got to be vvardenfell xD
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    for me it has to be either Hyperdimension Neptunia universe or WoW
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    Planescape set. Always loved how it deviates from Hack & Slash when earning experience and equipment. EVERY other I remember always prize more aggression and killing than a thoughtful approach. Planescape don't. Lots of times avoiding conflicts is way more complicated and rewarding.

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    Depends on what I need.
    WoW = warm and safe, huge universe
    Warhammer (Fantasy Battle) = dark, no positive emotions etc, there is only darkness, perfect for pvp

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    I quite like Dragon Age's setting, for the role of the Fade in everything - and how surreal it is there. However, my opinion of the Dragon Age universe dimmed because of Dragon Age 2, which I found very cliched. I'd put Deus Ex in as well, it's filled with all the typical conspiracy theories, but still seems quite gritty.

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    Favorite gaming universe? Tough call. I really actually like games based off of the real world, i.e. Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts, and most recently The Secret World. Our own world is rife with mystery and darkness; you can't go wrong with that.

    For completely fictional universes, I'll go with WoW and Zelda.

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    It's incredibly enjoyable to try to connect each game, and little things in each of them that you can draw to the other.

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    Zelda and Pokemon.

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    I saw the title, and one single word echoed in my mind.

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    Definitely Warcraft, but I also really enjoy the Elder Scrolls Universe as well.

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    Mass Effect

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    Too hard!

    1. Middle Earth
    2. Warhammer fantasy
    3. 40k
    4. Star Wars

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    In no particular order:


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    This may not really qualify, but Deus Ex's setting really intrigued me. Not really with the augmentation and advances in technology, but with the way the cities are portrayed in the time frame. It makes me wonder how our world will look 20 years from now.

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    The Nippon-Ichi verse.

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    The Lord of the Rings (obviously). I enjoy the Halo, Elder Scrolls, and Witcher universes as well. Deus Ex is amazing, too.

    I've never played a Mass Effect game before; I feel like I'm missing out on something.

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