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    What did you buy with your first gold?

    Back as a level 40 in early WotLK, feeling as rich as a king I went to buy an Ancona Chicken at the salt flats. Because it was important to me. How about you guys?
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    Oh, I remember this vividly. I was a level 15ish paladin and my mace had broken while a high level was helping me with a quest in Westfall. I told him I needed to repair my weapon, and he gave me a gold and said "buy a new one" so I did. Went to SW, bought a nice blue sword. Have no idea what it was anymore, long time ago.

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    I *think* my very first in WoW was the mats to make my Mechanical Squirrel after the pattern dropped for me. Hard to believe the mats for that were actually expensive at one time.

    The one that sticks out, tho, as my first gold splurge was buying my Orb of Deception for 80G at level 60. I still hadn't gotten my Dreadsteeed but damnit I wanted that orb lol.
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    A friend of mine gave me something like 20g to start with, which was a large amount back in vanilla. I bought bigger bags first of all.

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    white quality armor

    i had like 5 gold and since i was a total nub i would replace all my gear with the next level of white named armor

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    Dunno about gold. But back in Vanilla I spent my first 40 Silver on a Silver Tabby cat :>

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    I was lucky, my nephew was max level with "lots" of gold. so he gave me a bunch to get started with. My first level of riding and first mount were the best things ever!

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    Arrows and food for my pet. I got my first mount at 44 or something. I farmed SM:Gy for those first 100g.

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    I think I was saving it all up for mount training (back when it was, like, 90g(?) at level 40). I might've bought something that cost 1g+ before then, but mount training was the first significant thing I can remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrisGOAT View Post
    Arrows and food for my pet. I got my first mount at 44 or something. I farmed SM:Gy for those first 100g.
    Oh god, the pains of being a hunter back in vanilla. That is where all my money went since my bird only liked bananas and cheese.
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    Bigger bags was definitely one of my first purchases.

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    Saved like crazy to have enough gold to buy a horse when I hit level 40. Since I had no idea about how gold income would scale, I saw the horse vendor in Brill when I was level six or so and figured I'd better start saving up. I managed, but damn that thing was expensive. 100g back then felt like an astronomical number.

    Looking back, anything I saved up before level 30 was rather pointless, but it felt good to have a clear goal. I spent the next hour just riding around everywhere, enjoying my new-found swiftness.
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    If your answer wasn't bags, repairs, food, or class supplies/skills (arrows, vanish dust, etc) you had it easy.

    Granted I bought a lot of stupid shit back when WoW was more of an adventure than a spreadsheet chore.

    God buying class skills in vanilla got expensive...
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    Some Different colors mageweave bags (12 slots) with my money
    Then I was farming SM for riding skills with one of my friend, then I was soloing SM for my expert riding skills (lvl 60)

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    I helped out, to purchase the guildtabard.
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    I remember blowing as much gold as I had managed to earn on my first toon to buy enough leather so some guy could make me a full set of some awful, awful gear for my 30 something Balance newbkin. I was so dumb.
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    I saved up and did dailies for months and months in Burning Crusade. What did I buy? Epic flying skill so I get get epic flight form. To this day, I still remember it every time I look at my Feats of Strength.

    In vanilla, I bought an Orb of Deception! Too bad for druids it is kind of pointless.

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    White armor, and then bragged with it to my friends, of course! (higher level friends. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    white quality armor

    i had like 5 gold and since i was a total nub i would replace all my gear with the next level of white named armor
    LOLOLOL Yeah I did this too when I came across armour vendors.

    First Actual gold I got... as in a Gold Bar i got from a chest... i was like "OMFG Gold! I'm rich I can buy stuff, I wonder how many Gold I'll get for this gold bar!!"
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    lots and lots of skill ups/arrows and a couple of bigger bags too carry more junk

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