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    The power of the Mesmer portal.

    So we had an epic night of defending Dreaming Bay Keep in World Vs. World. The fight lasted for hours, and there was a great opportunity at a couple points to drop a portal for the guild to destroy their siege. This was one of them.

    It was about 12 on 40, and we destroyed their siege and put the run to them. Throughout the defense of that keep, I gathered over 60 badges, and unbelievable amounts of loot from bags. Both servers were attacking from both sides of the Keep, and we were shuttling back and forth and wiping them over and over again. Thank you Blackgate and Jade Quarry servers for providing us with sweet sweet booty.

    Check out the guild's website. We are not currently recruiting en masse, but if you are an experienced PVPer in a multitude of games, have a mature attitude, and can follow direction well, it doesn't hurt to check out the application process on the forums. We're on Stormbluff Isle and play mostly on the North American timezones.
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