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    Amber Shaper Un'Sok P2 Help!

    Well, our group consists of:

    Prot War

    Holy priest
    Holy Pal

    Fire Mage
    Feral Druid

    Our dps is good, 3 healing seems to be a good fit, no issues here. Where the issues come into play is in phase 2:

    How do you know when the Monstrosity's Amber Explosion is coming?

    What we THINK is correct since there is no DBM timer and it seems to be on the "Pungency" CD is wait for pungency, if the cooldown is below 5 seconds don't cast strike, if he casts stomp when that cooldown timer is up, you can strike, if he explosions, silence it.

    Honestly this is the ONLY thing that is wiping us on this fight, it actually seems very simple and the last phase doesn't seem to be that bad at all.

    If we can eliminate any/all explosions from the monstrosity we will one shot this, any advice/tips/tricks?

    Should also be noted that how we work the suits is you get in, get below 20% and either get out immediately if you have to or cast 1 more strike before you run out of willpower, we never eat in p2 (seen many guilds who do this without problems).

    Recap: How do you silence Monstrosity's Amber Explosion without missing one/fail in P2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanath View Post
    Get Bigwigs
    Care to explain? I know what it is but does it have a timer oft pungency or amber explosion does it differentiate between the constructs and monstrositys? Etc!

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    It shows a timer both for Amber Explosion from the boss and from your construct. Made it super easy.

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