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    I know big beards are trendy and hip but I mostly see men encouraging other men to grow beards.

    Personally, I don't like them. They can be okay if they are tidy and close cropped or a small goatee, but full bushy beards are gross to me.

    Sorry, hipster men. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that like them for you. I'm not one of them.
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    I've had my goatee for almost 25 years... I've recently made a vow to shave it off when I get under 200lbs.
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    Strangely I've never dated a guy with a beard even though I think they are so hot! Maybe one day I can talk my bf into growing one.

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    Depends on how it looks on the person who has said beard.

    I don't really prefer facial hair, but my boyfriend has a short goatee that I like to run my fingers through. It's kind of like petting a cat. LOL
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    I don't mind them. My husband wears his around his mouth and around the face.

    I hate d-bag looking beards such as:

    Or anything that resembles this.

    I also think the pencil thin bears are just weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galeos View Post
    I feel 'naked' everytime I shave, anyone else with the same problem? anyway I have a nice trimmed beard
    I always feel naked without mine.

    As others have said. Grow it out if you want. Don't take other people's opinions too close to heart. Do what you want. It's your face, if they don't like it they can turn their heads to the side and not have to look.

    I don't understand the hate for the dwarf/santa/ZZ Top beard. I have always wanted to have something like that on my face ever since I was 14, when I started to let my facial hair grow. That was 17 years ago. Unfortunately, I have been forced to shave quite a bit because for some stupid-ass reason, practically every place in America says the beard is ugly and every guy should look 12. I swear I look 12 when I have no hair on my face despite being 31. And I absolutely HATE looking like I am 12. Thankfully, my beard is turning white, and my hair on my head is too.

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    How about im 25 and i don't produce enough facial hair to have a beard?

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    Pretty much I prefer men with beards. I find that without hair men look a bit more childish. But that's just me lol.

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    ew, beards are gross.

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    I personally find beards extremely sexy... Lol
    I fell in love with your sin

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    most men can't rock a beard right. Most either look like a Nord from skyrim or end up with a face with pub's.

    If done right you could look like Hugh Jackman or Jimmi Johnson. Helps to have the right genetics on the face too because some people have facial growth up to their eyes or bold spots under their chin.

    Or you could be like me or Jeff Bridges and everything grows thick and perfect... until it gets long, then your facial hair has a mind of its own and goes all over the place.

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    I prefer the facial hair! But not too man has a neatly trimmed chin strap and I love it!

    But I know some of my friends prefer completely clean-shaven.

    Depends on the guy. And the girl.

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    Being a metal-head I feel obligated to have a beard and like others have said you feel naked when you shave it off. Sadly I'm joining the Military soon so it HAS to go. It also helps my beard grows in perfect with a sweet chin strap that I don't even have to trim. *strokes beard*
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    not to answer the question since i'm a man but props to OP - most proest way to find out the chicks on forum with that sort of thread title haha

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    A muscluar man with a braided goatee and a man with a ponytail. Dayhm. Not kidding

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    well, i can only give my GF's opinion on this, but she wants nearly no beard, becouse it tickles when i kiss her, but i told her: No, i want my beard.

    i still got my goat beard with a mustashe, aint a "big" problem per say, but it indeed tickles her, and sometimes my self.. (in the nose that is.. dont ask me..)

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    I like beards, especially if the gentleman keeps it looking nice (trimmed, with a style that fits his face). You could try growing one and see what you think about it. Ultimately, this should be about what you like, not what a partner will like. You'll find out that when you're happy with yourself and treat a woman with respect and kindness, these kinds of things won't really matter to her. Just my opinion, of course :-)

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