Tank: Closed
DPS: Open (considering only exceptional applications)
Healers: Open (monk high prio)

current progress: 11/12 TOT Normal

latest progress on wowprogress website

The team consists of a mixed group of players. We had 2 10 man teams previously within the guild, one which was hardcore pushing for server ranks and another more casual. Times changed and peoples goals within the game have changed aswell so we merged the 2 teams together and went back to 25 man raiding.

You would need to be a dedicated raider and know your class in and out. We want players who will stick with us for a long time and be part of our community, not people that will leave after a tier of content or simply log on only for raids. The people currently in the team have raided together in one way or another since vanilla so its quite a close group of people we have.

We raid primarily on a wednesday, sunday and monday. 3 days raiding per week usualy. (4 if people want to, which includes thursday) We will also try to run alt runs on off days if there is alot of interest for it.

Raid times are from 7:30 until 11:00 server time, if you are interested or want to speak more you can contact me here or in game, or you can visit our website and post in the recruitment forums.


thanks for looking,

Slayèr (<- in game name)