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    Cata / MOP Priest Greens

    So I recently came back to WOW from a couple year hiatus. I was max level when I left the game but I am now up to level 80. I have heard rumblings that there are level 80 greens floating around with exceptional stats compared to what I am currently wearing from WOTLK etc... are these items to be had in the auction house or are they something you purchase or get as a drop from mobs?

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    As with most expansions the quest items and drops from mobs will be significant upgrades to the gear you're already wearing unless you're are fully geared in BiS wrath gear. Even then there will be some upgrades. I wouldn't spend much time/effort/money trying to find these items as you should get the naturally through questing/dungeoning. I'm sure some can be found on the AH though if you're really jonesing for upgrades.

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    If you left before the concept of heirlooms was introduced, that's the first thing to look at. At max level, you can buy bind-on-account gold-colored items that can be shipped off to your levelling alts. These heirlooms scale with the equippers level, and are generally very powerful. But they only take you up to a certain level. Most stop scaling at level 85, some at lvl 80. To buy these you need justice points though, which you can only reasonably aquire by doing dungeons at the max level.

    There are however many blue BoE items that have a vastly underbudget equip level compared to item level.
    Yesterday, for example, I found a nice belt for a lvl 84 monk, that would take him right to ilvl 450 in the belt slot.
    Compare that to what I was wearing at lvl 84 when levelling in cataclysm; which was closer to ilvl 300. That is quite a difference, and makes those final levelling and initial gearing experiences so much more ... smooth.

    These blue BoE items usually sell very well on the action house; I just wish there were more people aware of them being so powerful.

    A sample list of such items.
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