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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but with 12% mana cooldown every 2 minutes, we are currently the healing class with the worst mana regen.
    Except for our plethora of free heals... and free heals proccing more free heals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grubjuice View Post
    holy light also has a potentional 100% efficiency bonus through beacon of light
    Indeed, so its potential mana cost is actually around 2/3rds that of our most similar healer's version (Shaman) rather than 1/3rd higher as the base is for the 4 of them

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    I guess the issue could also be not using the most efficient spells, I mean with 11.2 spirit buffed I'd go.oom if I'm spamming radience but, we do ha d free spells that heal for a lot, lights hammer is a great example. I would still get the relic and qin xis, and only are really.struggling for mana on elegpn and the first boss in hof force and verve is a huge spike

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExLancer View Post
    I've seen some Holy Paladins who have an iLvL around mine, but have like 1-2 thousand more spirit than me. I don't really understand how. Does anyone know what I can do improve a little more, I would love more spirit. Armory -
    I know that I achieved that amount of spirit through pure spirit gems(jc gems are amazing lol) and never taking a piece of gear w/o spirit on it. I'd link my armory, but I'm logged in ret gear.

    By "That amount" I mean 11k unbuffed.

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