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    Battelground + Raid ???

    Speculatsion about future patch / Expansion

    My suggestionhere is to add Battelgrounds two bosses. One for the Horde and one for the Alliance to the middle of the battelgrounds.

    So new future battelground startegy is kill your boss and whos ever kill it first, is the winer of the battelground. The battle last 20 min. Players can also go fight each other to hold back another side to win.

    I hope, you understand my suggestion here and like it.
    If you don`t understand, then ask a questions...

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    It's called Alterac Valley. Been in the game a while now.

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    I have no idea why I couldn't stop laughing, sorry. Uhmm, anyway, there are actually two battlegrounds like this in the game, Alterac Valley where it's possible to give items to a NPC in order to summon a giant dude, never happens anymore because Blizzard fucked up Alterac Valley a few years ago. The other one is Isle of Conquest.

    Regardless of the whole summoning thing in AV, you still kill Vann or Drek depending on faction, and you kill one of two bosses depending on faction in Isle of Conqeust as well.
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    Why have that? On my server Galleon just turns into a big battle whilst fighting the boss. Quite fun.

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