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    No more vactaions for me, you always kill stuff when I'm away! Or maybe I should remain away, hm..ah well!

    Gz on Megaera down anyway guys

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    Good period now, Dark Animus down as well & close to a kill on Iron Qon despite little time left on the raidnight. Nicely done guys

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    A good raiding night, Iron Qon and Twin Consorts down as well as some nice attempts on Lei Shen, well done all

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    Took a bit of practice but then Lei Shen toppled as well. Awesome job guys, time to look at some heroics now

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    Galakras knocked out of the sky on a nice raiding night, well done all

    - - - Updated - - -

    Iron Juggernaut turned into scrapmetal. Onwards!

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    Dark Shamans were being a bit of a nuisance but finally down, and then Nazgrim toppled as well. Well done guys!

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    Oops, been slacking here haven't I? Anyhoo, Thok, Siegemaster and Paragons ded, Hellscream your hour is coming!

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    So this thread has been gathering dust for awhile hasn't it, hm. Garrosh dead finally and now looking for a priest (disc?) healer

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    Slacking a bit on updating but gz on Immerseus HC down Also updated requirements as we are looking for a dps or two more (shaman/hunter primarily)

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    Updated recruitment, we are now looking for a tank (Warrior or DK) as well, preferably somebody reasonably within reach of heroics (so reasonable gear and progression history).

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