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  • A. WoW will lose a neglectable amount of subscribers due to Titan

    35 31.25%
  • A. WoW will lose 1 to 2 million subscribers

    10 8.93%
  • A. WoW will lose 2 to 3 million subscribers

    10 8.93%
  • A. WoW will lose 3 to 4 million subscribers

    11 9.82%
  • A. WoW will lose 4 to 5 million subscribers due to next-gen MMO Titan

    19 16.96%
  • B. I'll only play WoW

    18 16.07%
  • B. I'll play both WoW and Titan

    40 35.71%
  • B. I'll only play Titan

    23 20.54%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haloswin View Post
    THIS post sums up your agenda and mentality in a nutshell. You really aren't interested in anyone else's opinion, you don't believe there is any course of action but the ones you would take -- the pretending to care what others think is nothing more than the conduit for your agenda. All you want people to say is whether or not they will keep playing WOW when the next big thing comes around.... as if there isn't a massive sample size of data already on the subject of sure thing WOW Killers.
    There's really two opinions here when things are stripped bare: can Blizzard maintain the subscriptions at a respectable rate for 2 MMOs (as time+effort+money is at stake); and if not which will suffer more?

    The speculation is which one will suffer and why.

    As for agendas, this is a fanboi forum. You'll have to see it that those who aren't fanbois see agendas of promoting the game at any price, too. It goes both ways.


    16% in this poll claim they will only play Titan. Even if it was 1%, that's still 1% less from WoW.
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    From the #1 Cata review on "Blizzard's greatest misstep was blaming players instead of admitting their mistakes.
    They've convinced half of the population that the other half are unskilled whiners, causing a permanent rift in the community."

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    both at least at the start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selestine View Post
    it beats me how ppl could possibly select "I only play Titan" even tho no one knows what this game is about, yet. In fact to answer this poll one would need more information about the whole game first. As far as i know SC / D3 / WoW can co-exist after all because they offer different genres & playstyles.
    I'm sure the people that answered that are no longer playing WoW and have no intention to play WoW but will jump at the opportunity to try/play Titan.

    If Titan is at all interesting I would vote the same thing as I recently cancelled my WoW account after my disappointment in MoP.

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    It'll get a lot of hype, then turn out to be a flop, and then and only then will Blizzard realize even they created a monster THEY CANNOT STOP. At this point WoW becomes sentient and begins to upload all of us digitally and we're forced to do dailies every hour (now called hourlies) as we are tormented in robot hell for the rest of existence.

    Future looks bleak man.

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    after i was personally let down over D3 i dont think ill be pickin up any more blizzard titles in the near future, with the exception of possibly MoP when the siege for ogrimmar comes along. i wouldnt mind seeing the story.

    that being said its kind of hard to even speculate what impace it will have since there hasnt been any real news in awhile and we know little about it. not to mention the lack of news about it probably means we wont see it for another year. (probably more like 2)

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    Where is the option for "I won't play either"?

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    hard to discuss about an MMO we don't even have a screenshot of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana View Post
    How do you think Titan will impact WoW?

    How are you yourself going to react, as customer, to the advent of Titan, which for the sake of trusting in Blizzard we'll believe will become a high quality next-gen MMO ... more advanced, more interesting and more fun than WoW. (Else there's no point in calling it a next-gen mmo on their recruitment page).

    Will WoW lose many subscribers due to Titan?
    Will you subscribe to both or just to one? (Who really has the time to focus on two MMOs at the same time anyway?)
    It's to early to determine this, to date there hasn't been a ton of information on this title to justify the poll.

    Personally I see wow seeing a big loss to this title, it will be new and with all new shinies ( shinies sigh) and jeffery Kaplan is designing Titan and when he was head designer for wow - wow saw some of it's best content and fun raids. So unless he's become a vegetable, I expect his quality designing will steal a ton from wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne25uk View Post
    Isnt it obvious what it will be about? I mean WoW is a heavy Titan related story and we have yet to see one in the game,i will bet my right testicle that its something to do with either them coming back or its a game where we act out whats in the lore aka going from world to world seeding all the planets and ridding them of demons ala Sargeras.
    Titan is a new game under development by Blizzard and it will NOT be a continuation of the Warcraft story, nor will it be based on any other IP from Blizzard.

    The story in Titan will be a completely new one.

    Blizzard themself said so, I won't bother to give you a source as this is easy to search for.

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