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    Looking for RaF help.

    I recently talked my wife into playing the game, she started out on a trial account, and quickly reached level cap. So I decided to do the RaF thing to help us both out. So I sent the RaF invite from my account to hers, it prompted her to upgrade upon accepting the invite, which we did(she now has MoP). But we have yet to see the RaF benefits implemented in game. I can log on to Bnet and see that our accounts are linked for it, but we don't have the Player summon/Experience gain/level granting ability's in game yet.

    Am I missing a step in the process somewhere? Or is it just something that comes at a set level? Oh and I know about the 24-72 wait time thing, its has been roughly a week since we upgraded her account and such. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    If you contact Blizzard they should be able to fix it for you.

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    Did she make a new account with the key she got in the invite? If not, your accounts are not linked. You can't link an existing (trial) account, so she had to make a new one.
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    i had that problem with a friend, which i didn't realise at the time, but he already made a trial account before i sent the RAF, so when he upgraded it didn't count for whatever reason, never really questioned it, just assumed we'd fucked up, i wonder if it can retoractively be fixed . . . xD

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    Are you trying to summon with a character that is over level 80?

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    Her starter account is set as wow1, the new RaF account which is the one linked to my account is wow2. She's playing on the wow2 account, and according to BNet her wow2 account, and my account are linked.

    I haven't tried to summon at all, I don't have the ability to do so.
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    You may have to call Blizzard about that, it's always been pretty buggy. Otherwise, your toons need to be within 3 levels of each other.

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