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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevyne-Shandris View Post
    They don't have time to do both normal AND LFR. Understand now?

    LFR isn't a route for those who can play normal/heroics to obtain their own "welfare epics". It's designed for those NOT doing normal/heroic raids. It's their end-game.

    It's double dipping, and even worse, at the expense of those in their end-game.

    How would you like heroic raiders descending on your normal raid, then stealing chances on loot you need for progression?

    Yeah, it's not fun if the double dipping now hurts your end-game.

    I hope they lock it from normal/heroic raiders. People in this game need to learn overhealing and overgearing is how this game got to be where it is today.

    Do you know why they can't let cows eat freely? Because they will literally eat themselves to death.

    If the normal/heroic raiders can't wait on RNG like the rest of us, lock LFR down.
    What is this nonsense?? LFR absolutely serves a purpose for normal raiders (and even heroic at the beginning of a tier), it helps us to fill our slots that still have blues, complete set bonuses, gain legendary quest items faster etc. I don't understand how someone can't see the incentive for a normal mode raider to do LFR.

    I also don't understand how normal mode raiders "hurt" anyone's end game or "steal" loot from LFR raiders, as your loot has absolutely no effect on anyone else's loot. In fact I see it as beneficial that there are normal/heroic mode raiders in LFR, as their experience/gear will help the group down the bosses, and the ones who aren't assholes (they exist at every level of raiding) teach the people who are still learning the fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attsey View Post
    Then it s up to Blizzard to come up wth a suitable solution.
    Um, this whole thread is about Blizzard saying that no solution is necessary. LFR is fine. They're not going to destroy one of the most popular features in the game because you lack the will power to avoid doing something you dislike.

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