Hello everyone,

I just decided to switch from Arms to Prot and having Arms as my secondary spec although I was wondering what trinkets I should pick the most obvious go is just go for 2 pvp trinkets but I was wondering if this might be an option:

- Take the tenacity pvp trinket
- Take the DMF trinket (Relic of Niuzao) vs. Either one of the other PvP trinkets that gives around 300 resilience.

So my question here would be which one is better in this case? I know it's resilience above stamina but this is like a different of roughly 30K HP versus 0.8% Damage reduction. Specially with the warrior talent 'Second Wind' Makes it proc around 150k HP instead of 143k HP.

+ The DMF trinket gives a defensive CD of having 8871 dodge rating every 1min.

Please leave you thoughts about this one. (Sorry if this has been asked before couldn't found a similiar post)