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    My roomate is one of the best warriors in the game.

    He hasn't played since Cata and his highest arena rating is 1800, but he can guarantee he's as good as one of the top warriors. Places himself in the top 5. How does that make you feel?

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    Makes me feel like this is a pointless thread.
    I play many games. WoW, Rift, D3, PoE, SC2 I will not criticize your game choice if you don't mine.

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    It makes me feel you are wasting your time writing this?

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    Makes me feel like I'm wasting MY time writing THIS ...

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    Makes me feel indifferent, and it makes me think that you won't be around on this forum for long.
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    Vids or it didn't happen.

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    I didn't know swifty had a room mate *shades* (this is a joke btw)
    I play many games. WoW, Rift, D3, PoE, SC2 I will not criticize your game choice if you don't mine.

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    What is the point of this?...

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    i feel for you dude, your roommate is the kind of guy i wouldn't want to hang out with.

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    It makes me feel that I am witnessing someone clinging to the e-relevancy of an acquaintance to establish relevance that time has long passed to build. At best, it brought me to login to display contempt.

    ...if you are in IT, please jump out of a window, but not before telling me who you work for.

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    Makes me feel like someone is riding their roommate's peenor too hard.
    Feel free to hop off anytime soon.

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    Cool story, bro.

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    But it's so nice.

    ---------- Post added 2012-11-05 at 09:41 PM ----------

    My 1800 roomate who thinks he is the best warrior or WoW now wants to grind with me.

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    My roommate says his warrior can kick your roommates warriors ass, at level 2, naked.
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    I can beat your roomate.

    No contest.
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    Back up the guarantee instead of talking about it might be a good start. lol

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    It makes me feel incredibly bad. So bad I'm going to see my therapist right now, and on the way I think I'll drink a few 40 ounces. I might call up my ex and send her an angry drunken voice mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clbembry View Post
    How does that make you feel?
    Sad that you felt the need to make a thread about it.


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