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    Question Inscription is it worth to have it?

    Hi i got on my Rogue enginer/skining
    skining is so s.. that i want to make other proffesion thinking bout insc
    Is inscription worth to spent about 10k gold or more to lvl it 1-600 and nice profit from it or take any other profs ? I want to get some gold on this prof also nice bonus .
    I got as well on mage tail/ench , pala jc/mining

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    Spend 10k gold to level it? Ouch. I'd rather spend like 200 (if that) on the Outland herbs (Felweed is a bitch to farm) and gather the rest. Takes about 1 day of dedicated flying around to gather, just follow the inscription guide on wow-professions.com to find out about how much of each herb you'll need.

    I leveled alchemy on my monk from 1-600 with 90g spent because I gathered the rest myself.

    But to answer the question about inscription being worth it: Yes. Particularly now and before the next tier of raiding starts. Those Darkmoon Cards..... oh the gold, so so much gold.

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    It is my most profitable profession atm.

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    Just from crafting Darkmoon Cards in MoP I've gained about 140k gold
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    it is hard to make gold that way, at least on my server, it is always the same, ppl don't know how to use the AH and undercut for a few hundred gold, some cards sell for only 2k

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    let me tell u op i have 3 max scribes i make my scrolls everyday i farm my own herbs, as well as everything else. but anyway i find insrciption extremely good i have made 250k so far on just darkmoon fair cards and decks

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    I have never been one to have exceptional amounts of gold, because I rarely use the AH. This weekend however I decided to get in the business and use my Scrolls of Wisdom (in combination with my farm druid) to make some cash. I made over 70k since the Faire arrived in town and so far I sold every card except two (out of about twenty). The total earnings would go down a bit if I had to buy the herbs but even with buying them I'd have made a killing. Inscription has been by far my single most profitable profession ever and was well worth the hassle of leveling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maldora View Post
    it is hard to make gold that way, at least on my server, it is always the same, ppl don't know how to use the AH and undercut for a few hundred gold, some cards sell for only 2k
    Well, even if they sell "only" for 2k, that's still 2k. You need about six stacks of Fool's Cap for one card if you trade the Ink of Dreams, which on most servers is around 100g per stack. So that's a 1.4k net earning for a single Scroll of Wisdom, more if you get lucky and catch one of the more profitable cards. You cannot pump them out like you used to, but it's still a lot of gold for a few clicks.

    Don't worry about the undercutters. I can play the undercutting game too, and I only undercut by a gold or so. As long as I make more than 1.5k with a card I'll match their price if it's one of the less popular cards.

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    well, my only problem with inscription is that i have it on my lvl 86 mage, making it rather difficult to farm spirits of harmony for the offhand or staffs, if spirits of harmony were boa it would have been an entirely different situation. the only way to make gold as inscription is to sell darkmoon cards tbh, the staffs take too much mats to be a viable option.

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    I originally leveled inscription on a bunch of alts, just because I realllly didn't want to grind out Therazane rep for shoulder enchants for the umpteenth time. Circle around to MoP, and I've made several 100k gold from Darkmoon Cards. That being said, the price of cards/decks/trinkets has dropped significantly, so it's not nearly as profitable as it was a month ago.

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