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    Slightly confused on going forward at 90.

    I'm a decently geared Ret Paladin. I just came back to WoW about 3 weeks ago, and I'm not in a raiding guild although I'm thinking of joining one in the future. I've mainly played healers over the years but never as a Paladin. I started this pally from scratch and leveled solely as Ret. Since 90, I've accumulated nearly a full set of 463 healing gear. I'm thinking of making the switch over to Holy and joining a raid guild. How effective are holy spec's at soloing/ doing dailies? Will I need to switch to Ret to continue to do those things? Also, how good are Holy Paladins at doing raids currently? I've never played holy before and I'm thinking of spending a few days just running heroics to get the hang of playing Holy. However, since I'm already gearing up in Ret, I might just try and stay Ret for raiding although I'm not quite sure if I like the play style for raiding. Any advice?

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    My advice is to buy dual talent specialization (I think it costs 40 silver?) and do your dailies as Ret and then do your raids as Holy. The WoW user interface has very simple methods of changing your gear, buttons, glyphs, and talents very quickly and easily. I leveled Prot but kept a set of gear for playing Ret. Doing dailies as Ret is substantially quicker and there's really no significant difference in the damage taken. I think they made Holy a little better for soloing and questing, but you'll have a much easier time by questing as Ret. Considering how many dailies there are at level 90, you'll want to do them as quickly as possible.
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    Holy Paladins are actually really, really good at doing their dailies. Denounce really hurts. (I've seen Shockadins in LFR pulling 50-55k dps.)

    Holy Paladins are really good in 10 mans. Mistweaver Monk/Restoration Druids/Holy Paladins are the best.

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    I've seen a huge amount of guilds on my server trying to recruit DPS with Healing off-specs, so that may be a good place for you to look, Holydins being one of the best to do that with since they don't share loot, so can easily gear an OS no problem at all

    As far as how good they are, Holy is very competitive but raiding is a world apart from doing 5 mans and I wouldn't recommend trying to jump into a guild that has decent progress as your first raid, you'd want to do LFR a few times over as Holy to get the hang of it and once you've figured out the cooldown management I'd go for that if you like it
    Also as much as its terrible practice in the long run, if you're doing LFR aim to be top of the healing meters, or at least second, that will give you a realistic comparison to what real raids are like in terms of mana consumption and how much is required of you

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