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    Holy paladin haste plateaus

    So I've been looking for a while now trying to find the right numbers but I can't seem to find anything. Anyone here that could help me with holy pala haste plateaus for EF and LH?

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    you shouldn't aim for them. It would mean losing a lot of mastery/crit.

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    There was a post somewhere with a link to a table of all the major breakpoints on this forum, but I can't find it, must have been in a random thread rather than the Pally guide

    But still as rinleezwins said, its not worth thinking about

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    Afaik LH isn't affected by haste
    .but that could have changed.
    I go for haste to 20% because that feels like a good.number. 2.3ish second holy.lights are just a no I'm my book. I'll sacrifice some mastery for shorter holy lights.

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    As people have said, you don't really need to take haste breakpoints into consideration as a holy paladin. Here's a table of how haste effects the different healers in mop


    The only included spells for paladins are Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame however. @ 15% haste you get another Eternal Flame tick, and then roughly one more per 10% haste you get.

    Generally the breakpoints are to high to be worth aiming for. I am currently still running a mastery build I think, sitting at roughly 15% haste with seal of insight etc.

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    That's what I was looking for thank you. I'm currently about 1000 haste rating off so I guess its slightly out of reach still.

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